Advantages of Buytool Lift Tables

December 22, 2021

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General Buytool electric lift tables can be divided into stationary lift table, low profile lift table, and mobile lift table. However, no matter which type of lift tables, it has some common characteristics and obvious advantages, so it is an important part of material handling equipment. Let's analyze the advantages of Buytool electric lift table.




Each electric lift table is equipped with a safety power supply device, and the voltage of each operation button is below 36V, generally 24V. In addition, there are control buttons on the lifting table and the ground to improve the convenience of operation. Also, the electric lift table has an emergency system. If there is an emergency, such as a pipeline oil leak or a power failure, the table can be lowered steadily by manually operating the lowering valve to ensure the personal safety of the operators.


High Efficiency


There are many types of motors and cylinders in the drive system of the electric lift table, and the power is large enough to ensure the lifting speed, and the general speed is 3-5 m/min. And we use the handle button operation instead of the traditional operating lever, making the lifting work more convenient, faster and safer.


Environmental Protection


The electric lift table adopts a hydraulic transmission system. Its hydraulic oil can be replaced once and used repeatedly to increase the utilization rate. We insist low-carbon, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and emission-reducing. In addition, this lift table equipment is environmentally friendly, and does not produce impurities, exhaust gas or other garbage emissions during the work process. It is a relatively eco-friendly lifting equipment.


High Performance


Compared with other brands, Buytool electric lift table has a high quality and low price. It is very cost-effective in the long run. It attracts a large number of consumers due to top quality, competitive price and quick after-sales service.